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As a teenager, I would ride my bike any distance to find a rare comic book or a cool jacket. Born with an innate curiosity, it is no wonder I has ended up as a Global Strategy Consultant at IBM.

But that’s not to say my career path has been linear. After a stint as a fashion model in the 1970s, I set out to become a pilot. However, the oil crisis forced me to rethink my mission. I found my calling in the Department of Metallurgy at the University of Aston, where I was drawn to a unique alchemy of hard science and industrial arts. My experience there inspired me to devote my life to designing and making things that make the world a better place.

While at University, British Leyland, the UK car manufacturer with a troubled history, sponsored my research and spurred on my interest in the potential of science and technology for a sustainable future. I am a self-proclaimed pragmatic optimist and after receiving a first-class honours degree and a Ph.d, I dedicated myself to sustainability projects. To this day my doctoral work continues to save the world millions of barrels of oil.

In the 1980s I jumped at the opportunity to work with the Aluminum Company of Canada on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. To this day I still believe that “we need to get off the rock in the long term,” but I’ll settle for a Smarter Planet in the meantime.

I currently work for IBM as a management consultant specializing in the Consumer Products industry, and as a member of the IBM Industry Academy…but my views are always my own!